We’re proud to announce a limited edition hand-silkscreened 10” release of Schedelvreter, originally recorded and released in 1985 on Tear Apart Tapes (NL). Schedelvreter was the side project of Danny Bosten of Das Ding. Danny tells the story of how he recorded these tracks:

“I had been making these repetitive, pattern-based Das Ding songs and felt the need to do something a little different. Something more organic, with a narrative structure to it. Reading Shelley’s Frankenstein at the time, and looking at old accounts of Spanish explorers in the Americas, inspired me to make what I imagined as the soundtrack to an imaginary movie: bleak and desolate. I had a Crumar synth that was falling apart, and if you held down a chord and switched it off and then back on, the voltage would drop so the tones became individual blips that sounded like human voices. I made some massive drum sounds by layering noise, used leftover four-track additions in reverse, and included some drums I found on a tape my brother had given me. I just layered it all on the four-track and played along. It made a nice little package of about seven pieces, so I made up a name for it, “Schedelvreter,” which translates as something like “Skull Gobbler.” The tape was released in 1985, but only a few were made at the time.”

A1 Beast
A2 Cibola
A3 Sounding Heaven
A4 Howl
B1 Efigy
B2 Desert
B3 Artificial Life